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A Washington, DC native JaNeise Sturdivant attends Faith United Ministries in District Heights, Maryland, where her parents, J.E. & P.D. Sturdivant, are the pastors. For more than 20 years, Faith United Ministries has served northeast DC as well as District Heights, MD through community revitalization, family building activities, outreach, and consistent spiritual direction.

Not only is JaNeise a minister and a motivational speaker, but she is also a mentor, activist, and coach who has dedicated herself to empowering youth both spiritually and emotionally. JaNeise is extremely passionate about developing our youth and presenting them with the best opportunities possible. With that in mind, she has created tools to prepare them for their future, ensure they develop a healthy and positive mindset, and equip them to succeed. She is called to help at-risk youth and young adults achieve wholeness through teaching sessions and creating an outlet for positive emotional expression.  


JaNeise Sturdivant