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Endowment Funds – Endowment funds are long-term investment funds.  A small portion of the interest from these funds can be used to support the church through the purchase of non-budgeted items or to provide additional funding for missions and ministries consistent with the goals of the congregation.  Endowment fund application

Direct Debit Giving - Can be set up via Bill Pay through your bank and is used to automatically send funds from your checking account to the church. Giving is easy and allows you to set up automatic recurring contributions.  Contact your bank with questions regarding set-up, as set-up varies from bank to bank.

Envelope Offering– The vast majority of members of Annapolis Evangelical Lutheran Church support the church through their weekly offering. Weekly offerings are used to fund the operational budget of the church.

Pastor’s Discretionary Fund – Some members choose to make donations to the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund.  These funds are distributed at the sole discretion of the Pastor and are typically used to address emergency and unforeseen needs of Annapolis Lutheran families, and in the greater Annapolis community, that are not addressed through traditional social service agencies. 

Dedicated Funds – When a member donates money for a particular purpose, the money is restricted in its use and is only used for the intended purpose.  Dedicated funds are often used to fund special appeals outside of the normal operating budget.  For example, members often designate funding to be used for special youth activities and travel.

Memorial Funds – Memorial funds are given in loving memory of a person.  The congregation, through the Church Council or a designated Memorial Committee, identifies appropriate memorials that can be supported.  Hymnals and Bibles are often purchased as memorials, as are altar candle sticks, communion chalices, etc.

Building Funds – Building funds are a special type of dedicated fund.  When a congregation moves toward building or expanding facilities, a special building fund is established.  The establishment of a building fund generally coincides with a building campaign that has a target goal to be raised within a finite period of time. 

Bequests – Bequests are made as part of the estate of an individual.  Individuals typically name the church in their will or designate the church as a beneficiary on a bank account or on an insurance policy.  Individuals who wish the funds to be used for a particular purpose need to be very careful to make their intentions clear when making a bequest.

Annapolis Evangelical Lutheran Church thankfully receives many different kinds of gifts.  On rare occasions, the church reserves the right to refuse a gift that is outside of the purpose and mission of the church, or if the church is unable to comply with the intent of the giver.

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