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Updated Scam Alert

Update on the Phishing Scam. Please see the email text below. If you receive any communication from Pastor Mark or anyone in authority at the Church please verify that it is from them. Again Pastor Marks Email Addresses are and

Initial Email:

On Aug 16, 2021, at 10:18 AM, Mark Metze <> wrote:

Hi, how are you today?

Can you please email me as soon as you get this

I need you to help me with a favor

God bless,

Pastor Mark

Follow Up email:

From: Mark Metze <>

Date: August 16, 2021 at 7:13:37 PM EDT


Subject:Re: Many blessings

Sorry to drop this on you on short notice, I emailed because I need to get Apple gift cards for some women battling cancer in a cancer group whose founder I have a close relationship with, the cards are for the women to download their favorite songs and videos to boost confidence while they await the next phase of treatment especially with the way things are with this pandemic. My schedule has been quite tight and I have not been able to get it done. I was hoping you could get it from any store around you and I will reimburse you in cash or check. Let me know if you can get the cards for these patients and if it won't be too much trouble for you

Tips to avoid getting scammed:

How to Spot a Gift Card Scam

  • Inspect the sender's email address to confirm it's actually coming from that person. Scammers will often send the email from a random email account and change the Display Name of the email address to either your boss, supervisor, or director. Sample Fake Sender

  • The email message will:

    • Indicate some level of urgency, such as indicating they are in a meeting or are heading into a meeting and need your help ASAP.

    • Possibly not include the sender signature, but rather "Sent from my iPad" in order to make it appear as if the person is mobile and away from their desk.

    • Ask you to do them a "favor".

    • Ask you to purchase numerous gift cards with the promise of reimbursement.

    • Possibly have typos and grammatical errors.

    • Appear to be sincere




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